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Welcome to Bold Badger Sauces!  We grow our own peppers and turn them into delicious hot sauces.  Like many who get into the hot sauce game, I started out giving away my homemade spicy concoctions to friends and family, to (mostly) rave reviews.  Eventually my passion for peppers grew from a few plants to a few too many plants, and I had more batches of experimental sauce than I knew what to do with.  It was then that I decided to take the first step on a journey which I hope will one day change the world.  Through my sauces, I hope that one day people of all races, colors, and creeds, will sit down at the same table, eating the same tacos, covered in the same sauce, and they will realize that all our differences are dwarfed by the sheer magnitude of our similarities.  And also get rich selling hot sauce.

2016 was our first year in business, having sold the first big batch almost exclusively at the farmer's market in Berea, KY.   People really seemed to like it.  This year we've expanded our lineup to a total of six unique sauces.  All our sauces are prepared and bottled at licensed commercial kitchens under strict safety and sanitation standards, so you can rest assured that they're both delicious and safe.  The fermentation was done at Lexington Pasta Garage, on Delaware Ave. in Lexington.  Really good Italian food by the way.  The sauce was then cooked and bottled at the Jackson County Regional Food Center, in Tyner, KY.

Click here to check out my grow log on THP from 2017.  These are the peppers that went into this year's sauce.

Click here for the 2018 grow log, already in progress.

Shout out to awesome artist Rhonda Frank, who made our cool badger logo.

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