2018 Mystery Seed Giveaway

In 2018 I started removing most of the seeds from my peppers before saucing them. Consequently I wound up with a giant pile of seeds. It seemed like a waste to just toss them in the compost pile, so I decided I'd give them away to other chili heads. They're all mixed together so you won't know what they are until you grow one out, hence the mystery! Below is the layout of my 2018 garden, both the big spot and both community garden spots. As you can see, the majority of the seeds came from my yellow 7 pots and scotch bonnets, but there are several other varieties in the mix as well. Further adding to the mystery, I had quite a few volunteers come up from last year at the big spot. So not only is there the potential for a plant to have crossed with a plant nearby, it may have also crossed with the plants I grew in that part of the garden in 2017, which themselves may have been crossed with one of the nearby plants from that year. The 2017 layout is also displayed below. Using the layout diagrams you may be better able to figure out what you have if you do wind up with a weird cross. Fun eh? No matter what comes up, I can virtually guarantee it will be a chinense variety with a lot of heat.

For more information about the last two years grows, see my grow logs on THP:

2017 grow log: http://thehotpepper.com/topic/64240-2017-grow-log-200-plants-30-varieties/

2018 grow log: http://thehotpepper.com/topic/68464-bold-badger-2018-grow-log/

I know I said I'm giving these seeds away, but I am going to charge $3.75 for shipping. For that price you'll get one dry cup of seeds, with placentas still attached. I value my precious mucus membranes too much to try to separate all of them. Just stirring them around while they were drying would effectively pepper spray the whole room. Also I'm lazy. You can expect to get several hundred seeds, so it's still a pretty good deal. If they don't germinate for you just let me know and I'll happily refund the money.

Note that I'm also throwing in the same quantity of seeds with every sauce order, from one bottle on up. So if you want to pay a few bucks more you'll get seeds and a bottle of sauce. I have about 3.5 gallons of seeds so I don't think I'll run out any time soon.

Here's a picture of the approximate amount of seeds you'll receive, with a can of beans for reference:

Cup of seeds

Here's the 2018 layout for the big spot and the two community garden spots.  The peppers I'm giving away came from all of these.

2018 Big Spot

2018 community garden 1:

2018 community garden 1

And community garden 2:

2018 community garden 2

And here is the layout at the big spot from 2017:

2017 Big Spot

Here's the product to add to your cart to get some of the mystery seeds:

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